At present, a Point of Sale (POS) system is a must-have for businesses especially in this generation of technological advancement.

KaHero POS is among the available POS systems a business can use. This mobile cloud-based POS system has numerous features that can be applied to help your business such as being able to access the business data collected by the POS system on the Internet anytime, without having to visit the store in person. This POS system also provides the customers an option to make contactless payments which are especially important at this time of the pandemic.

Aside from these benefits, KaHero POS offers many more features that can help businesses. This article will discuss four features that KaHero offers that you should use to enhance your business' performances.

1. Inventory Management

Businesses can track and manage their inventory in real-time using KaHero POS. With this feature, business owners can view how much stock they have for their items and can transfer stocks from one warehouse to another if they wish to. The Inventory Management feature also notifies you when an item is running low.

This feature helps businesses gain the necessary data on their current inventory and make the needed decisions and adjustments to ensure the business has enough supplies and stocks to operate.

2. Employee and Shift Management

KaHero's Employee Management feature allows you to keep track of your employees. Most especially the time-in and time-out of your employees and how many hours they have worked.

The Employee Management feature works hand in hand with the Shift Management feature which allows you to see how each of your employees' performances during their shift. The Shift Management feature records the amount of cash when the shift starts and takes note of the transactions made during the employee's shift.

These features help in evaluating how well your employees are doing and making the needed changes and improvements to use effectively and efficiently your business' human resources. Furthermore, this feature helps businesses keep track of their sales and cash flow.

3. Summary Reports

KaHero provides summary reports on the business' sales, inventory and employee shifts. These reports can be accessed in your KaHero Back Office. These allow business owners to evaluate the business' overall performance, identify what needs to be improved in their business and make the necessary business decisions to drive their business forward.

4. Online Store

With KaHero, a business can set up their own simple website where customers can buy your products. The business can also manage and oversee the status of the online orders placed in the app.

Using the Online Store feature, businesses can reach more customers and allows customers to order in the comfort of their home which is favorable during this pandemic. This feature also helps businesses keep track of their online orders and manage them efficiently.

Improving Business Performance with KaHero POS

The four mentioned features above can help you utilize KaHero POS to its full potential. By applying these features, you can effectively and efficiently manage your business and its performance today.

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